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lördag 20 mars 2010

Arkiv: LIVE!

Slayer "Live Undead"
Annihilator "Double Live Annihilation"
Paradise Lost "Draconian Times MMXI"
Hammerfall "One Crimson Night"
Nirvana "Unplugged In New York"
Whitesnake "Live In The Shadow Of The Blues"
Dio "Dio At Donington"
Pantera "Official LIve 101 Proof"
Yngwie Malmsteen "Live!!"
Thin Lizzy "Live And Dangerous"
Amorphis "Forgin The Land Of A Thousand Lakes"
Wolves In The Throne Room "Live At Roadburn"
Heaven And Hell "Neon Nights"
Mötley Crüe "Carnival Of Sins"
KISS "MTV Unplugged"
Emperor "Live Inferno"
Nevermore "Year Of The Voyager"
Entombed "Unreal Estate"
Deep Purple "Made In Japan"

Meshuggah "Alive"
Pearl Jam "Live On Ten Legs"
Running Wild "Ready For Boarding"
Candlemass "Live At Stockholm"
King Diamond "Deadly Lullabyes Live"
Ozzy Osbourne "Live At Budokan"
Iron Maiden "Rock In Rio"
Morbid Angel "Entangled In Chaos"
Black Sabbath "Reunion"
Death Angel "Sonic German Beatdown"
Alice In Chains "MTV Unplugged"
HTP "Live In Tokyo"
AC/DC "Live"
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Live In Hyde Park"
Whitesnake "Live...In The Heart Of The City"
Marduk "Warschau"
Katatonia "Live Consternation"
Motörhead "Everything Louder Than Everything Else"
Ozzy Osbourne "Tribute To Randy Rhoads"
Dark Tranquillity "Where Death Is Most Alive"

Accept "Staying A Life"
Prong "100% Live"
Queensryche "Mindcrime At The Moore"
Scorpions "World Wide Live"
WASP "Double Live Assassins"
Machine Head "Hellalive"
Paradise Lost "Anathomy Of Melancholy"
Slipknot "9.0 - Live"
Ozzy Osbourne "Just Say Ozzy"

Dio "Evil Or Divine, LIve In New York"
Judas Priest "Priest...Live!"
In Flames "The Tokyo Showdown"
Green Day "Bullet In A Bible"
Behemoth "At The Arena Ov Aion - Live Postacy"
Sepultura "Under A Pale Grey Sky"
Black Sabbath "Live Evil"
AC/DC "If You Want Blood You've Got It"
Testament "Live In London"

2009Opeth "The Roundhouse Tapes"
Yngwie Malmsteen "Trial By Fire"
Bloodbath "The Wacken Carnage"
Rage Against The Machine "Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium"
Whitesnake "Starkers In Tokyo"
Iron Maiden "Live After Death"
Slayer "Decade Of Agression"

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