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torsdag 8 april 2010

Review: Blowback "Eight Hundred Miles"

Well, there appear to be something special in the water in Swedish town Örebro. Creating the likes of Millencollin, Coldworker and now Blowback cannot be all coincidence?!
Sure, these groups all come from different sub-genre of rock and metal, but all of them are abundant with talent och a geniune feeling and love for their kind of music.
So, what about those guys in Blowback then, and the latest release "Eight Hundred Miles"? After all, this review is supposed to be about that record?
Well, the short version is that it is a solid, groovy and catchy rock'n'roll-devil that grows on you like beard - slowly, surely and and all over.
But, then again - you are not here for the short version, are you? No, I thought so.
From the top then. Blowback delivers an album that kickstarts all rock'n'roll-nerves in your body with the infectous groove of riffmonster "The Only Thing I Have". The musicianship and vocals are spot on, and the sound is rich, full and groovy as hell, an obvious result of a successful partnership with swedish super producer Dan Swanö. After pushing that pedal to the floor, Blowback takes us listeners for a marvelous journey. We get to experience the laidback attitude of "No Soul", the blues-smelling "Dead Man's Blues" and the finale with both "Away From The Planet" and "Water in My Wine" as sound rock songs.
Several of these gems are the sort that need a few spins before they really get stuck in your head, but itis definately worth those spins. If there isanything to complain about, I would point out two things; first, the album feels a bit on the short side and would have been even better with another track or two (wich, coincidently, will be the case on the upcoming vinyl version), and second - I would have liked an immidiate hitsong in there. that would really have given the album an extra edge!
However - I like it. A lot. Especially after I've let it grow on me!
If you like to read more, have published both an interview and an alternate review, both in Swedish. Also, you will find more info on the bands website or MySpace!
Best Song: "No Soul"
Blowback "Eight Hundred Miles" - 4

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  1. Du vill väl inte missa min unika "Crucified Barbara Tävling"?

  2. vadan detta språkskifte?

  3. Karin - bra fråga. Inser att du kanske inte är ensam om att undra, så jag kanske ska förtydliga...