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söndag 25 december 2011

Att laga en kycklingfot?

My ass.
Hemma hos Rebellängeln är det fullt ös medvetslös. För tillfället rockas det (eller, ja... rockas och rockas - det springs i cirklar mest...) till Chickenfoot. Senaste skivan "III" sopade ju hem överraskande bra betyg vid recensionen, och dessutom innehåller digipak-versionen en hel del roligt.
3D-glasögon, t ex. Som äldsta killen M har hittat.
Dessutom typ "actionkort" med alla medlemmarna.
Såna här.

Riktigt roliga faktiskt.
På framsidan är det en bild med 3D-effekter, och baksidan är ett faktakort med totalt nördiga och vansinniga data. Likes och dislikes, personlig musiksmak och en enkel Q & A.
Där man bland annat får veta hur man skulle tillaga kycklingfot.
Äh, det är väl bara att kasta sig in i det.
Julläsningen idag blir alltså meningslösa och roliga fakta om bandet Chickenfoot!

Sammy Hagar
Likes: Sea, salt, sun, sand och sex, 9 times a week. Not necessarily in that order...
Dislikes: Mosquitos in paradise, conflict or violence of any kind, bad food, bad booze, bad drivers, blue balls
Q: If you had to be from another planet, what planet would you be from?
A: The 9th planet from the sun in a distant galaxy... Because the weather's perfect and that's where we're from
Q: When is the World Going to End?
A: When I die.
Q: What song makes your right foot turn to led?
A: "Highway Star" by Deep Purple. It's the greatest song ever written, with a relentless groove.
Q: Favorite Colour?
A: You didn't actually just ask me that...!

Joe Satriani
Likes: Sleeping late, staying up late, driving, swimming, sex, music, potato chips, pizza, old guitars, mountains, forests, fast computers, fast internet, espresso, art, people, Rock and Roll!
Dislikes: Weak coffee, mean dogs, lousy food, any kind of pain, people who will not get out of your face, slow internet, crashing computers, shoes that don't fit, guitars that will not stay in tune, lousy potato chips, schedules, filling out quistionnaires and forms...
Q: What's the longest you've gone without playing guitar?
A: Three weeks. I was on a vacation, driving through northern Italy, ending up in Venice for a week. It felt good to give my fingers some time off.
Q: Whats the saddest of all keys in music?
A: Nigel Tufnel had it right, D minor. "Lick My Love Pump" still makes me cry to this day!
Q: What tastes like chicken, but isn't chicken?
A: Spotted owl makes a wonderful substitute when havig frineds over fpr dinner. So tasty, and oh so controversial!

Chad Smith
Likes: Silence, sun, motorcycles, kids smiles, everything else nice
Dislikes: Drunks, crowded bars, violence, difficult situations
Q: Most distracting thing seen from stage?
A: Breasts and fights, hopefully not at the same time
Q: First public appearance?
A: My first bath
Q: Former occupations before show biz?
A: Dishwasher, paint mixer, caddy, skin flute inspector
Q: Biggest influence in career?
A: Can't think of anything, probably everything
Q: Favorite pet?
A: Pussycats

Michael Anthony
Likes: Fast cars, fast food, or just food in general (anything I can slather hot sauce on!!) My watch collection, and jammin' with my buddies Sammy, Joe and young Chad.
Dislikes: Peaople who sleep in (because I just can't). Being out of my favourite hot sauce. Being away from my cars or my family, and did I mention being out of my favourite hot sauce?
Q: How hot is too hot?
A: At this point, I think my tastebuds are just about shot from spicy food, so too hot would probably be taking a drink of molten lava.
Q: Ho would you cook & eat a chicken...foot?
A: I would take the chicken...foot and drop it in a pot of Mad Anthony XXX hot sauce and let i simmer for about a week. Then I would drink the sauce and throw the foot away.
Q: If you were a rapper, what name would you go by?
A: First off, if I were a rapper the world would probably be coming to an end, and if that were the case, I would call myself Mikey-Mike. It seemed to work for Markey-Mark! Would anyone like to be in my "Funky Bunch"?

Ehh... ja, okej.
Fullständigt normala svar, allihop. Inte.
Typiska intervjuer som ändå får en själv att framstå som hyggligt sansad och balanserad!

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