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tisdag 30 mars 2010

Opeth på Cirkus - VIP-paket!

Evolution XX: An Opeth Anthology
Stockholm, Cirkus, Tuesday March 30th
The time is nearly here for us to start the Evolution XX: An Opeth Anthology tour. Just a few more days and the party can begin. My name is ----- (deleted by Chief Rebel Angel)and I´ll be your host at the show.

We promised you detailed instructions on how the day will unfold plus we´ve got a few more surprises for you that you may appreciate so here goes:
Show day...
Your presence is required at strictly 3pm at the main venue entrance, but if you could show up slightly earlier, just to be safe, this would be good. At this point your ticket(s) can be collected at the box office. Be sure that you bring an official ID with you for verification plus a print out of your order confirmation e-mail. Venue security demands the standard bag check at this point and once that´s over with, I´ll give you your goodie bag(s).
This goodie bag will contain:
• One VIP Laminate (which you are required to visibly wear throughout the afternoon)
• One Opeth lanyard to hang your laminate on
• One Opeth rucksack
• One Blackwater Park CD/DVD Legacy Edition (which is released through Sony Music on March 29th)
• One Tour Programme: a 20 page glossy magazine with liner notes by Mike Akerfeldt on 20 years of Opeth and collages of rare photos. This will be pre-signed by the whole band.
• One Limited Edition VIP t-shirt, exclusive to the Stockholm show. Pretty special as today you will be part of a group of only 90 people so there are only 90 t-shirts like it in the world. (Wear it with pride!)

Around 3:30pm I will break you up into groups of 15 to 20 people and will escort you backstage for an approx 10 minute meet n greet with the band per group. Doing it this way ensures you´ll be certain of some ´quality´ time with each band member although it does mean that there will be some waiting involved. You can bring one or two items that you wish to get signed and although no professional photo cameras are allowed inside the venue, you can have a quick picture taken with your cell phone cam.

At 5pm you will be allowed inside the venue hall to view the band sound check. This will take approximately one hour. I must ask you to stick together for the duration of sound check and to not wander around on your own. As usual with a production this size, the crew will be on a very tight schedule to get everything set up in time so we must urge you to not get in their way.

5pm is also the time that the venue´s restaurant opens and you´re free to go there instead. As soon as sound check ends you will all be asked to go there to wait for the official doors to open but note that your VIP laminate will allow you back inside the venue from 6:45pm on which is 15 minutes earlier than the general public. This will ensure you can stand wherever you want without having to push through the crowd. It’s a sold out show so it´ll be busy.

And then... well... then it’s time for two and a half hours of Opeth and nothing but Opeth. The band will play the Blackwater Park album in its entirety and after a short break will continue playing rarely before live performed songs as well as a few of their most treasured live tracks. The past few weeks the guys have been rehearsing their asses off to make sure their play is as tight as you´re used to and we´re all very excited to bring you an event that you´ll hopefully never forget.

See you at the show!

NB: A few venue / courtesy rules:
• Please show up on time. Late entry cannot be allowed no matter what and you´ll miss sound check and the meet and greet. You´ll have to wait until regular doors open but your goodie bag will be kept safe at the merchandize stand for you to pick up later.
• You will be asked to sign off on a filming release form. We will record the performance in London for a DVD release but will film documentary footage at all shows so chances are that you´ll be featured on it.
• You already chose your desired VIP t-shirt size(s) upon ticket purchase and these cannot be changed anymore.
• Your VIP laminate does NOT allow for backstage access without an official escort. This is only possible during the set meet n greet period in the afternoon
• Be sure to keep your laminate visibly on you at all time. These are issued personally and are NOT transferable to others. If you are seen handing it to someone else you will be removed from the venue immediately.
• The goodie bag(s) will only be handed to the person who purchased the ticket(s).
• Should you decided to leave sound check prematurely and go to the venue restaurant, you cannot get back inside the venue hall again so decide wisely.
• Lastly: be sure to enjoy the show!

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  1. Hoppas du hade en helt underbar afton. Det hade vi, med "bara" vanliga biljetter. Nära tre timmar rent OPETH-frosseri :)

  2. Jag hade en HEEEEEEELT magiskt afton.
    Är så nöjd så det finns liksom inte! :)

  3. Ja visst tusan var det bra.